Become A Keyboard Shortcut Superman

InDesign is complex! Shortcuts make things simple when the work gets heavy. Imagine being able to keep your mouse and writing hand honed in on the creative aspects of your work, taking care of rote functions literally single-handedly.

Take a look at the shortcuts below to become an InDesign Superman (substitute "Command Key" for "Ctrl" if you are working on a Mac):

Shortcuts You Will Recognize from Word Processor Norms

You will probably recognize these from word processing, but these time savers are worth a review.

Ctrl+NCreates a new document
Ctrl+OOpens a previous document
Ctrl+WCloses current document
Ctrl+SSaves document

Important Functional Commands

Get your demos and revisions out with lightning speed with these two shortcuts under your belt.

Ctrl+EExport your document outside of the native InDesign format
Ctrl+DPlaces graphics and text

Window Commands

Set up your screen for optimal viewing using the shortcuts here, and change your perspective when needed on the fly.

Ctrl+=Zooms screen in
Ctrl+ -Zooms screen out
Ctrl+0Fits the entire page in the window

InDesign Object Shortcuts

InDesign is based around objects. Master them, and your productivity will go through the roof.

Alt [Option] +Ctrl+0Fits the entire spread in the window
Ctrl+1Displays the document in its actual size
Ctrl+RShows or hides the document rulers
Ctrl+;Shows or hides the guides

InDesign Text Shortcuts

The text stuff should be easy, and with the command list below, it will be.

Shift+Ctrl+YReturn text to normal
Shift+Ctrl+BBold text
Shift+Ctrl+IItalicized text
Shift+Ctrl+UUnderline text
Shift+Ctrl+=Superscript text
Alt [Option]+Shift+Ctrl+=Subscript text
Shift+Ctrl+LAlign text to left
Shift+Ctrl+RAlign text to right
Shift+Ctrl+CAlign text to center
Shift+Ctrl+JJustify text left

Commit one block of shortcuts to muscle memory per week and take note of how much faster your work moves. Don't worry if you forget a few up front - taking a bit of time to invest in these shortcuts will pay dividends.

Adobe Indesign Keyboard Shortcuts (Shortcut Matters)
(Volume 43)

by U. C-Abel Books

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