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 5 Statistics That Show Combining Direct Mail with Email Really Makes a Difference

The combination of direct mail and email can be a powerful marketing strategy.

Not only does it help you connect with more potential customers, but evidence suggests that combining the two forms of media can even increase response rates.

Here are five statistics that show just how effective this combination can be:

1. Direct mail is six times more likely to result in a purchase than email alone. (Source: U.S. Small Business Administration) 

2. Direct mail response rates are 10-30 times higher than sole digital marketing campaigns. (Source: Amsive)

3. Combining direct mail and email can increase response rates by as much as 50%. (Source: Epsilon)

4. 72% of potential customers enjoy interacting with brands via several mediums before purchasing. (Source: Lead Forensics) 

5. Marketing campaigns integrating direct mail and digital media hold 39% more of a customer’s time than digital campaigns alone. (Source: Canada Post)

What are the Advantages of Combining Direct Mail Initiatives with Email?
Utilizing both direct mail and email can help your business create a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach a wider audience and generate more leads.

Combining these two channels also allows cross-promotion, improving visibility on both platforms and raising brand awareness.

Here are some of the advantages of putting both direct mail and email to work for you:

Longer Shelf Life 

Direct mail boasts a longer shelf life than email, meaning it can be intercepted and influence potential customers even after receiving their email campaign.

More Memorable

Consumers are more likely to remember the messages they receive through direct mail, increasing their engagement with a brand.


Direct mail is considered more trustworthy than email or other digital forms of communication.

By utilizing both mediums, you build confidence in your target audience. 

Optimize Your Marketing Budget

Combining direct mail and email can help you reallocate resources and optimize your designated advertising funds, allowing you to make the most of a limited marketing budget.

What are the Most Effective Ways to Link Direct Mail Campaigns with Emails?
There are several ways to link your direct mail and email campaigns. Here are some of the most effective methods:

Personalized URLs

Use personalized URLs (PURLs) in your direct mail campaigns linked to targeted landing pages associated with an email campaign.

QR Codes

Include QR codes on physical mail pieces that link to online content or offers.

Special Offers

Offer discounts, coupons, or other incentives in direct mail campaigns that can be redeemed online.

Social Media

Incorporate social media links into physical mailings so recipients can easily connect with your brand on various platforms.


Include a call-to-action or other prompt in your direct mail campaigns encouraging recipients to visit an associated website or sign up for an email list.

Using these strategies, you can create powerful integrated marketing campaigns that maximize physical and digital media.

In doing so, you’ll be able to maximize your reach, increase response rates, and build stronger relationships with your customers.

With the right strategy, combining direct mail and email can be a powerful tool that produces tangible results.

By leveraging the strengths of both media types, you can create effective campaigns that reach more people and promote conversions.

Are you looking to drive your business growth? Integrated marketing campaigns can be powerful and practical tools. Reach out to our team to get started on yours!


Mitchell’s Speedway Press to Acquire The Phoenix Press


- Company to expand and extend customer reach -

Oswego NY May 15th 2018—Mitchell’s Speedway Press a

leading provider of professional printing, signage &

marketing products today announced it has entered into

an agreement to acquire The Phoenix Press of Phoenix


“We are excited to welcome the The Phoenix

Press customers into the Mitchell Printing and Speedway

Press family,” said John M Henry President and Chief

Executive Officer of parent company, Mitchell Printing &

Mailing, Inc. of Oswego, New York. “We believe the

longtime culture of customer service Phoenix Press has

been based on fits perfectly with our customer-centered

vision, and this acquisition will enhance our new and

current customer bases.”

Henry continued, “Barbara Reyes of Phoenix Press has

successfully built a model that focuses on small

businesses, and we feel that this model fits perfectly with

our goals for the future expansion of our company”.

Mitchell’s customers consist of local and national

businesses, in both the for and non-profit world, along

with design agencies and government institutions. What

distinguishes both businesses their history of long time

stable ownership with the emphasis on an outstanding

personalized customer service level. This acquisition

combines the Phoenix Press’s strength of personal

customer service with Mitchell’s production innovation,

speed, technology and current manufacturing expertise

which is needed in today’s global market. “We anticipate

hiring additional people during the next year as we grow

again with this acquisition”, said Henry

Barbara of Phoenix Press added, “As it was time to retire,

we wanted to find a good partner for our customers. We

did not want to just close or let just anyone take over

accounts we have worked with for decades. I have

worked with John and Kathy for many years and know

they will be the right people to continue the work we have

done with our clients, as we share the same values and

commitments to our customers. Mitchell’s technology and

manufacturing expertise will ensure our customers are in

great hands and get to the next level.”

Kathy Henry, Vice President and director of Sales and

Marketing stated, “Phoenix Press has an incredibly loyal

customer base and an excellent reputation for value and

service. We are lucky and honored that Barbara would

choose us to entrust her business and her clients to. We

promise to serve them well”. Kathy also described the

acquisition Mitchell’s made of Speedway Press 10 years

ago, “The purchase of Speedway Press was a learning

curve for us, and I think that we did very well, with

excellent client retention and a seamless transition. I

know the customers and clients of Phoenix Press will find

the same with this transition as well, because there are

people at the head of our organization who truly care

about the client first and foremost. John and I personally

meet and handle the needs of our clients, and the

customers of Phoenix Press can look forward to the


Mitchell Printing was founded in 1930 by President

John Henry's grandfather, Weir P. Mitchell. John

and Kathy purchased the business in 1990, began

Mitchell Printing & Mailing, Inc., and acquired

Speedway Press in 2008, moving Mitchell Printing

into the Speedway Press building at 1 Burkle Street

in Oswego, where it operates today. This will be

the third acquisition for the Henrys, who see a

bright future ahead for printing, direct mail and




Think You Know Mitchell's Speedway Press? It’s Time to Take Another Look

A national Magazine has picked up on Mitchell's Speedway Press successful sign & digital print expansion. We are proud of staff and the great work they do!

"You don’t stay in business
for 85 years like Mitchell’s
Speedway Press unless
you’re doing something
right. And your business
doesn’t continue to grow
unless you know what
you’re doing. For three
generations, the familyowned
Oswego, New York,
business has thrived by
focusing on customer needs
and broadening its operations
to satisfy them."

Think you know Mitchell's Speedway Press? It's time to take another look!

In Celebration of our 85 Year Anniversary
85 years of Innovation, Leadership, and Customer Service

Mitchell’s Speedway Press celebrates its 85TH-year anniversary in 2015. Mitchell’s Speedway Press kicks off their 85th year with support of Oswego Speedway racing and once again is a race night co-partner in 2015.

W.P. Mitchell Printing was founded in the family basement at 166 East 4th Street in 1930, its founder Weir Pulver Mitchell worked against great odds, having been stricken with spinal meningitis at age 16, and after a long recovery, was rendered deaf. Not one to be deterred, he attended the Rochester Mechanics school for printing, today known as National Technical Institute for the Deaf: RIT. His first job was working for the Mexico Independent in Mexico NY, while living above Becks Hotel. Homesick, he moved back to Oswego and founded, at 19 years old the printing company we operate today. 

This first commercial location was in the basement of Vona’s Shoes until 1940, when he purchased and moved to 117 West First Street in Oswego. Starting a business at that time was (what many would consider) not a wise move with the depression looming and WW II beginning, but working day and night, he was able to make ends meet. His general attitude to both life and the printing business was positive and characterized by a unique pioneering spirit. He used to tell friends and family. “I never in my life felt handicapped. I learned to work hard, appreciate the good in all people, even at a time when the world was in chaos”. Weir worked persistently, and was up every day before 6 am, and almost never failed to have lunch with his wife Mary (Slanski). He raised his daughter Helen, with the same entrepreneurial spirit, and she worked with him for over 40 years until her retirement. Her son, John Mitchell Henry, was brought up in the printing company, and watched his mother and grandfather build a business that he was one day to run. From a young age, John helped everywhere in the company, from counting coins to delivering printing. 

In 1979, after graduating from Oswego High School, John attended his grandfather’s alma mater, RIT for print management, and was made partner in 1983.  It was John who made the third of four moves of the firm, from 117 West First St. when the City of Oswego purchased the property to build the current senior living apartments, over to 127 East First Street. The family business expanded, and John purchased the rest of the company at his Grandfather’s passing. He continued working in the spirit of his Grandfather:  Developing and designing unique products solving the printing, promotional and signage needs of his customers, with the focus always on quality, honesty, and value, just as Weir taught him. Over the years the whole family has been involved with both kids (Megan and Tyler) growing up working after school and vacations in the shop.

At the end of 2008, it became clear that the company had outgrown its First Street location. At that time, Speedway Press owners Doug and George Caruso were ready to retire;  a call was made, and Mitchell’s Speedway Press  and our 4th location was born at 1 Burkle St. Says John, “Today, we thrive in the competitive world of printing by investing and expanding in areas such as our new large format signage area. 

John also has co-founded a national printing Association (NPOA) with 19 others; he currently is serving on the board as director of events and programs.  Counituing to take pride in increasing efficiency and satisfaction in companies he serves. A 4th generation is nearby, with son, Tyler Henry, helping out as needed, as John helped his grandfather many years ago. 

Today we proudly carry on the legacy handed to us by the Carusos in the weekly production of The Oswego Eagle, where you will still find George Caruso and Carol Demling Haynes writing, editing and producing this legendary program. Mitchell’s Speedway Press also continues the tradition of producing weekly programs and racing material for race tracks throughout the United States and Canada, and after 85 years, Mr Henry sees no end in sight. “Our values have never changed, nor has our commitment to providing not just printing, but solid advice, creative solutions and winning customer service”.

Mitchell's Speedway Press • • 315-343-3531





John M. Henry,  President of Mitchell’s Speedway Press, Oswego, NY,  recently returned from attending the Executive Board meeting of the National Print Owners Association (NPOA) while directing it’s Spring Conference.  Mr. Henry is the board member in charge of putting on the annual event, which drew printing company owners from across North America and from several foreign countries. The annual event is an intensive two-day series of seminars, presentations, and workgroups designed to help printing business owners improve their operations to better serve their communities and clients.

Among the areas of emphasis at this year’s conference was improving financial controls, understanding and utilizing new digital technologies, customer service and retention, adding new services such as large format printing and signage or mailing services, marketing new and traditional services and building brand awareness. Conference sponsors included printing industry heavyweights such as Xerox, Ricoh, FastSigns, and EFI.

“It was a very worthwhile event,” said Henry “In my opinion, the expertise of the presenters and panelists and the technical and industry knowledge brought to the table by the industry suppliers made this the most valuable industry conference of the year. I hope to use what I learned to serve better my own clients.” This is the third year of NPOA conferences,  and in all three years, Mr. Henry has been the Director of Programs and Events,  in charge of site selection, contract negotiations, and planning. Once a site and date is chosen, he then shifts to finding  speakers and vendors. All this is  assisted by a staff of printers, all who volunteer their time for the organization.

Henry was also instrumental in starting the National Print Owners Association (NPOA) and is a founding member. From its grass roots inception three years ago, NPOA has grown from 19 founding members to more than 400 print shop owners, making it the fastest growing association in the printing industry. Along with the annual conference, it provides its members with proprietary studies and surveys on technology, pricing, business operations, and many other topics. It also offers an on-line discussion forum for print shop owners to share ideas and solutions to common problems. The association’s motto is “By Printers, For Printers” and its members represent the most progressive printing operations in the industry. Henry states, “We are always looking for ways to grow in our company, ways to challenge ourselves both technologically and intellectually, and the NPOA Conference is a wonderful place to learn how to keep my company growing and changing to meet our clients ever changing needs.


Mitchell Speedway Press Assists Harborfest Organizational Effort

Posted on February 26, 2015 by Contributor

Vendors and businesses simply don’t arrive at the annual Oswego Harborfest celebration and set up their concessions or information booths.

It takes months of logistical planning to organize Breitbeck, the Novelis Family Park at West Park, East Park as well as the river walk.

Harborfest Executive Director Doug Buske is heavily involved in a coordinated effort with Sponsorship Coordinator Carol Dillabough and Vendor Coordinator Cindy Loughrey as well as the Harborfest Logistics Committee to place all of the participants in a suitable location.

Buske said, “It takes a significant amount of time to plan locations for everyone participating. I would like to thank Mitchell’s Speedway Press and owners John and Kathy Henry for their generous contribution of the wall maps that greatly assist us in organizing what is one of the largest free music festivals in the nation.”

Mitchell’s Speedway Press owner Kathy Henry said, “Harborfest is a great community event and we are proud to be part of it. We would like to become more involved and hopefully these maps will make it easier for Harborfest officials to place the tremendous number of businesses, vendors, musical groups and organizations that are involved.”

These maps are placed on the walls of the Harborfest Conference Room and in the weeks ahead will start to be filled with all of the pieces that make one of the largest free music festivals in the nation such a success.

Mitchell’s Speedway Press provides a wide variety of services including full color printing, graphic design, newsletters, brochures, business cards, flyers, direct mail campaigns for businesses and organizations as well as being non-profit campaign specialists.

The local business possesses full color publisher printing, high speed copy service, folding, binding, invitations, color scanning and much more to provide for printing and publishing needs of businesses, organizations and individuals.

Planning continues, but there is still plenty of room for vendors, businesses or other groups that would like to become participants in Harborfest.

There are still openings for businesses, organizations or individuals who would like to become involved with the event.

Sponsorship information is available by contacting Dillabough at 342-7140 or while individual memberships and vendors should call or email Loughrey at 342-7113 or


Mitchell’s Speedway Press Named Official Printer & Sign Partner for National Parts Peddler Trade Show

Monday, November 10, 2014

Mitchell’s Speedway Press in Oswego, NY,  has announced that it is the Printing and Signage Sponsor of the 2014 National Parts Peddler Trade Show.

As the official Printer and Sign partner for the 35th year of the trade show, Mitchell’s Speedway Press’ Professional Printing and Sign technology enables vendors to stand out at the show.

“Everyone needs their booth to look great. We have the products to make it happen, from design to delivery right to your show booth”, said John Henry, owner of Mitchell’s Speedway Press.  “A new product that we have is a 15pt PCV flexible sign material that does not show kinks or marks like hanging banners that many other show vendors will use. If you look cheap your customers can tell; they expect more from you.”

“We’re thrilled to work again with Mitchell’s Speedway Press,” said Carlton Stockham, Show Director. He went on to say “Mitchell’s Speedway Press exhibition-quality printing and sign technology has been well known for over 40 years in racing circles.  Around here they are the pros at making racetracks, racers or sponsors/vendors look great. The exhibition-quality printing and signs created with their award winning, up to 64 -inch wide printers, is a huge advance.

As a special to the vendors, for all printing and signage that is ordered for the event, Mitchell’s Speedway Press is offering a show vendor discount of 20% on design, print &  sign services. For race teams Mitchell’s will offer a hero card special of $99 for 500 5 x 8 cards in full color. Check or call 315 343 3531 for more information and how to order.


The 35th annual trade show held November 21-23, 2014 at the Center of Progress Building, NYS Fairgrounds in Syracuse,  offers a wide spectrum of racing vehicles and equipment ranging from Circle Track, Drag Racing, Road Racing to Karting, something for everyone. There are numerous intricate displays, seminars, race cars and accessories of all types.

Venue: Center of Progress
Show Hours: Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, and Sunday 10am-3pm
Admission: One Day $15, Two Days $25, Three Days $30
Event Website:


Oswego Speedway Ends Season With Awards Banquet; Mitchell’s Speedway Press Inducts Five Into Hall of Fame

Posted on November 4, 2014 

OSWEGO, NY – With the Lake Ontario Event and Conference Center in Oswego providing the elegant backdrop, the Oswego Speedway closed out a very successful season of racing Saturday by honoring the outstanding achievers of 2014 and 5 new inductees into the Mitchell's Speedway Press Hall of Fame. 

Otto Sitterly entered into the record book elite level having won his seventh Novelis Supermodified Oswego Track Championship, while Andrew Schartner made his weekly trips from North Carolina worthwhile as he earned his first-ever PathFinder Bank SBS Track title.

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We love printing.

October 18th, 2014

Okay, so we are printing geeks, we admit it. This video to us is absolutely hilarious. Hope it breaks up your afternoon, or at least you may understand us when we talk...

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October 15th 2014

Our email campaign announcing our website makeover.

What other printers think of as impossible deadlines, we meet every day. It is our culture. Putting it succinctly,
we love rush orders!

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On sale now 2014 classic yearbook

Ebay Store

Programs for the 58th International Classic have been printed and in the stores. You can get them here at our office also. $10. We will also have them on Ebay soon.

We now do Door Wraps

Gramps coming alive, our first door wrap. Weir P. Mitchell founder on the shop door. With Mike Stevens poem; "I am a printer". Printed with air release vinyl, gloss laminate and window perf film so you see though the doorway. Think of the things we can do for your office.



Safe Haven 70th reunion

June 14th 2014

We have been doing all the event signage & program for this weekends Safe Haven 70th reunion. They have been a great group to work with. The most fun was we got to reprint two out of date books. It starts this week June 19-21, 2014.

The Safe Haven Museum & Education Center and the Jewish Motorcycle Alliance celebrate the 70th reunion of the Fort Ontario Emergency Refugee Shelter in Oswego. There were supposed to be 1000 refugees, but only 982 came to Oswego.

Phone: (315) 342-3003

More information about Safe Haven.


Staples closes, Mitchell's fill void 

June 2014

Oh no Staples is closing what now??? Since 1930 Mitchell's Speedway Press is the answer for your copy, printing and signage needs.

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How we save you money

February 6th, 2014

Ever wonder if it is cheaper to have us print it than print it yourself? The answer is below, but I'll give you a hint...YES! So go what you do best and let us handle the printing!

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January 30, 2014

Mitchell’s Speedway Press has launched Speedway Sign & Design, a new division manufacturing wide-format printing and custom full color signs.

Speedway  Sign & Design offers customer consultation, custom graphic design, and incredible print quality for many  custom printed products — trade show graphics, banners, yard signs, conference signage, vehicle wraps, window graphics, wall graphics, floor graphics, clothing, magnets and more.

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Local Printer helps found & lead new printing association.

NPOA: Newest Star in the Association Constellation Aims to Be the Brightest for Quick and Small Firms

Published: February 14, 2014

For an organization that, in the words of one of its founding members, “came into existence almost entirely by accident,” the National Print Owners Association (NPOA) has traveled a remarkably long way in a surprisingly short time.

The 19 printers who launched it in December 2012 attracted others so quickly that the turnout for the group’s first annual meeting overwhelmed reservations at the hotel. “We expected 30, and we got 100,” recalls Jace Prejean, president of Bayou Printing & Graphics (Houma, LA) and president of NPOA.

Another NPOA founder and officer, John Henry, CEO of Mitchell’s Speedway Press (Oswego, NY), says that a “pent-up desire” for affiliation and respect among small printing firms is what drives the group’s ongoing growth spurt. It appears to be proceeding at full throttle, as the NPOA membership roster now stands at more than 370 companies.


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Mitchell Printing acquires Speedway Press

By Dan Padovano, The Post-Standard 
on January 22, 2009 at 1:17 PM, updated January 22, 2009 at 3:06 PM

Two long-time Oswego printing operations are merging.

Mitchell Printing & Mailing, at 125-129 E. First St., announced today it has acquired the Speedway Press, at 1 Burkle St.

Mitchell, a commercial lithographic printing operation with estimated annual sales of $400,000, was founded in 1930. Speedway, founded in 1970, mostly prints auto racing programs and posted estimated annual sales of $520,000.

The new entity, owned by John and Kathy Henry, is known as Mitchell's Speedway Press. It operates at the Burkle Street address.


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Mitchell Printing & Mailing, Inc. EXPANDS BUSINESS SERVICES Top-ranking printer introduces Digital Document Center and Microsoft Certified Partner Oswego NY, March 29th, 2006—

Mitchell Printing & Mailing, Inc. is expanding its full range of services with the addition of a Digital Document Center and earning the distinction of becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner. These new services address the needs of today’s changing business environment. “Business demands have changed dramatically in the past couple of years,” said John M. Henry owner of Mitchell Printing & Mailing. “Providing full-color documents and the ability to get them printed quickly on a wide range of stocks is essential to producing effective communication for businesses. We are the first local printer to have a full range of color and black and white digital printers with this level of production capability. By adding this new service, we can now offer full color digital printing with the ability to personalize each piece and provide our customers print on demand. Becoming one of the first and only printing firms in the USA to be certified as a Microsoft Partner gives us and our customers a competitive and creative edge.

For many years we have been Adobe and Corel Certified partners, along with this area’s first print provider for Microsoft Publisher. Our new Microsoft partnership brings every program Microsoft sells in-house so that our customers get professional quality outputs in their printing.” “In addition to increasing our industry-wide leadership position, the new document center offers business customers a wide range of services including graphic design, digital and conventional printing, high-speed color document scanning, binding and finishing. Our full-service operation, digital document center and our professional mailing services provide high-quality solutions that save our customers time and money.” “Customers of Mitchell Printing & Mailing have the opportunity to do their business in whatever way that is the most convenient for them. For 76 years our telephones have been answered in person by well-trained customer service representatives.

Our milestone - a 75th Anniversary

For 75 years, Mitchell Printing and Mailing has been the printer to go to in Oswego and now, via the web, the world. They have received numerous awards and recognition throughout the United States. Arts and Culture named them business of the year,Upstate Medical University Hospital has named Mitchell Printing their Vendor/Partner of the year for, among other things, making deadlines on budget on numerous projects during the last several years. These design and printing projects included work for events like the Friend in Deed Annual Drive, CNY Skins Game, Children's Miracle Network and the Pediatric Oncology's annual Cards for Kids Christmas Card Program.

Mitchell Printing & Mailing was founded in 1930 by President John Henry's grandfather, Weir P. Mitchell. The Corporation has invested over $300,000 in the past five years in equipment upgrades and new technology, which keeps Mitchell Printing & Mailing on the cutting edge of printing and digital processes. By consistently learning new technology, Mitchell Printing and Mailing has remained an industry leader throughout the United States and Canada.


Local Printer Receives National Recognition


Chicago, IL - January 4, 2005 - PrintImage International, the largest association of small business printers in North America, has awarded John Mitchell Henry of Mitchell Printing & Mailing it's Distinguished Service Award for his dedicated service to the industry as a member of the association’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Henry is the first local printer to ever be elected to the organization’s Board of Directors. PrintImage provides valuable studies, conferences and personal contact with consultants for its members. PrintImage programs and conferences are designed to enhance the productivity, leadership and profitability of its members and the entire industry.  Founded in 1975 as NAQP it is the leading association for small business printers.

Steve Johnson, President & CEO, said John's 3-year term on the board was a great benefit to printers all over the country.  President Johnson was quoted as saying, “His leadership on the board led to new and improved research projects. John was a staunch defender of our core values and kept us focused on membership needs.  It was a joy to work with a owner like John who has given so much of his time and knowledge to other printers. His grasp of the big picture, willingness to lead and take on varied tasks has improved our association for all members and printers across the county. I am also personally pleased that John has agreed to continue to chair committees in 2005. The association has seen a lot of growth in John over his board term and I know the customers of Mitchell Printing have and will continue to benefit from the knowledge and contacts he has made through PrintImage.  Few printers have the chance to sit at the table with major vendors like Xerox, Kodak, International Paper andHeidelberg. John has and that gives him an insight that is rare in our industry.”

Mr. Henry believes in being an active part of not only the local community, but national groups like PrintImage. It was with great satisfaction that his peers elected him to serve on the Board. The knowledge he has gained and contacts he has made from around the world have resulted to in many improvements in Mitchell Printing & Mailing. This knowledge and information is keeping Mitchell Printing & Mailing not just a leader in CNY but recognized by his peers throughout the whole country. This benefits all of his customers with higher quality printed products, lower prices and outstanding service.

Mitchell Printing & Mailing was founded in 1930 by Mr. Henry's grandfather, Weir P. Mitchell, and has invested over $300,000 in the past five years in equipment upgrades and new technology, which keeps the company on the cutting edge of printing and digital processes.

Mitchell Printing & Mailing is located at 125-129 East First Street, Oswego, New York, and can be reached at (315) 343-3531, or on the web at


John Henry owner of Oswego printing firm name to national printing board of directors.


PrintImage International—formerly the National Association of Quick Printers—has elected new officers and directors to serve the association. Tom Gardner, Curry Printing, Worcester, MA, will serve as chairman. Secretary/treasurer and chairman-elect for 2003-2004 is Brian O'Day, Kwik Kopy Printing, Tigard, OR. The immediate past chairman is Curt Kreisler, Gold Star Printers, North Miami Beach, FL. Directors, term expiring in 2003, are Stewart Marty, Wright Printing, Normal, IL; and Keith Kemp, Xerographic Digital Printing, Orlando, FL. Directors, term expiring in 2004, are Dale Aigner, Brookhurst Printer, Fountain Valley, CA; Tom Quartier, Quartier Printing, East Syracuse, NY; and John Henry, Mitchell Printing & Mailing, Oswego, NY. Directors, term expiring in 2005, are Charlene Sims, The Master's Press, Dallas; Bill Gavigan, PDQ Print Center, Scranton, PA; and Lisa Frederick, Unity Printing, Latrobe, PA. Director and supplier council chair is Marc Young, vice president, quick and franchise printing, Xerox Corp.


2004-08-03 17:59:24
Mitchell Printing & Mailing-Unveils World Class Printing Press

Mitchell Printing & Mailing recently announced the addition of the area's first FULL COLOR HEIDELBERG GTO printing press. This investment in excess of $100,000 is the largest single equipment investment ever by the company. The addition of the new unit will allow print customers the opportunity to receive the highest quality, full-color printing at extremely competitive prices, while also reducing turn-around times.

The GTOVP is the first full color Heidelberg of its size in Central New York. With updated water and ink drying systems, Mitchell's GTO is recognized as the "Mercedes" of printing presses. This unique press positions Mitchell Printing & Mailing among Central New York's full-color printing leaders. 

"We believe that this investment will firmly establish us as the pace-setter in the local printing industry," said John M. Henry, owner of Mitchell Printing & Mailing. "Although this is a tremendous investment for our company, it will allow us to quickly deliver the highest quality product while also reducing costs to our customers." 

The new printing press is the latest in a long list of recent advancements for Mitchell Printing & Mailing. After strong sales growth for the past five years, the company expanded through the purchase and renovation of adjoining buildings. The expansion allowed the company to accommodate the larger press while also increasing its direct mail service capabilities. 

The desire to bring business back to Central NY was cited as the primary consideration in the purchase of the new equipment. "A defining reason for this press purchase was the amount of full color printing being sent out of the area," said Henry. "It was very distressing for us to see CNY businesses and organizations buying this type of work from printers and suppliers outside of our area, via the web or even importing from Canada. We made this major investment to keep these jobs local and to support our local economy." Henry added that the new press will allow the company to compete favorably with other printers via the web or located in larger metropolitan areas around the state. 



2004-06-03 17:58:26

Local Printer named co-chair of National Convention

Steve Johnson, president of PrintImage International announces that John M. Henry, owner of Mitchell Printing, and Wayne Oplinger of Creative Printing Services in Wilkes-Barre, PA have been named co-chairs of the PrintImage Annual conference February 22 -

Topics and questions will cover growing your business into the digital and color printing fields, evaluating the options available and then successfully marketing those new, improved capabilities to your customers and prospects, along with gaining the people management skills necessary to lead your staff into these new ventures. As the co-chairs, John and Wayne's goal is to put together a program that will compel any printer to be armed with the information they need to take their business to the next level of success. 

A few highlights of the conference include a keynote address by the leading expert in the printing industry, Dr. Frank Romano of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) who will speak on "Digital Convergence and the Small Commercial Printer", along with a panel of industry experts moderated by Bob Hall, Quick Printing magazine, and the 4th Annual PrintImage Excellence Awards presentation and exhibit, which Mitchell Printing will be entered in. 

John & Wayne promise this will be the best educational opportunity targeted for the printing business in many years, perhaps as far back as the time Gutenberg, the father of today's printers, himself presented at his association conference. 

John Henry, the grandson of Mitchell Printing founder W. P. Mitchell is proud to be chosen co-chair. Mr. Henry is the first central New York printer to be awarded this honor. "PrintImage International has taught me to be a better printer and business person. I wanted to give back and help other printers, and this is a way for me do that" said Mr. Henry. Mitchell Printing has grown over the past few years adding digital color printing, Oswego County's only complete mailing service, a website with e-commerce and a new high-speed offset press.


2004-06-03 17:48:23

Mitchell Printing the Vendor/partner of the year.

Upstate Medical University Hospital has named Mitchell Printing the Vendor/partner of 2000. Joan Brooks, Director of the Upstate Foundation, presented the award at this year's vendor appreciation luncheon on October 17th.
The 70-year-old printer was honored for helping University Hospital maintain a model vendor relationship. Among other things, Mitchell Printing was honored for making deadlines on budget on numerous projects during the last six years. These design and printing projects include work for events like the Friend in Deed Annual Drive, CNY Skins Game, Children's Miracle Network and Children's Christmas Cancer Cards. The projects were all competed on time and budget. The hospital relies on Mitchell Printing for suggestions and knowledge about printing options to do these projects, Brooks said. 

The award is given each year to one vendor out of the dozens of local and national medical, pharmaceutical and other companies serving Upstate University Hospital. Upstate Foundation uses it as an example of a model vendor relationship and a thank you for outstanding service. 

John M. Henry, owner of Mitchell Printing, said, "We compete in the CNY area everyday with over 100 other printers. It is great to see our efforts are appreciated by such a great customer" Since 1930 John and his grandfather before him have always strived to provide the best service and printing in Central NY. This major award and Mitchell Printing's commitment to continued improvements & education will assure this. 

Mitchell Printing was founded in 1930 by Weir P. Mitchell and is currently owned by his grandson John Mitchell Henry. Located at 125 East 1st in Oswego, they can be reached at 343-3531 or on the web at



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