4x8 sign with laminate.

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When choosing whom to buy your printing or signs from, do you think like this?

"All printers and sign shops are the same I just look for the lowest price. All printers claim great service and quality."

Let me tell you about a printer sign maker who is different and why.

At Mitchell's Speedway Press, we are that printer. The facts are most printers appear to be the same, except a few unique ones, and we are one of the unique few. What we do is ask questions and listen, we lessen the pain of ordering, in fact, we make it as painless as can be. You will never feel like you just had root canal when working with us. Is that really all that makes us different? No, then read on...

I will try and explain better using two examples about two sign orders we did. Customer One wanted a sign to replace the sign he had that had cracked and fell apart. A 5x10 lighted sign. Mitchell's Speedway Press price was 2x as much as the quote he got from a guy who made the failed sign. He ordered it from us. Why would he pay 2x as much for the same sign? Well, it was not the same sign. That one broke in the wind and faded. When we showed, they used a material that was not meant to last and used vinyl also not meant to last years he saw the difference.

So what did we show him to make him spend more? Well, first off we did not make him order. What we did do was show him the correct materials to use. An almost bullet proof product that would not break in the wind or from small blows. Printed with a double layer image on cast material, then layered and finished with a UV laminate. This product stands out 100% brighter at night than what was done before. Plus it will last more than two times as long, looking great for years. In the end, we showed him he will spend LESS over the lifetime, and it will look better to his customers.

Are you thinking well I do not need a lighted huge sign. Ok, on to customer two. She needed to update their signage for a number of locations. The signs she had done did not match their corporate colors well.

They had spent a lot of money with an ad agency on their branding using PMS colors to create a professional look. It looked great in print, every place except the signs they got. Worse as time went by they faded looking even worse.

Spending time listening to her, we found what she got was a great price, the lowest one in fact. It was painful from the start to finish. The signs and proofs were never on time, and her phone calls were often not returned quickly if at all.

When the signs were delivered, she noticed banding lines in the tints and other image issues. The printer who made them said, "no one ever looks at signs up close, they look at them 15 or 50 ft away." His signs were fine and industry standard he claimed.

We looked at her signs and could agree; they were the industry standard for signs 5 or 10 years ago. Today there is no reason for signs with banding lines, blurry images or printed with colors that do not match or fade.

So we took some time to explain how we could remove her pain and make her boss happy, at a price that was not much then she was paying. Showing her what a cheap material is compared to high-quality one. How not only does the cheap product not last as long, it will shrink over time and not print as clearly as a proper chosen one.

Then we explained how they used 3rd party inks not the MFG eco-solvent inks like we do. These inks while cheaper, did not match color and faded. Our inks are made for our printers and color calibrated to match the substrate used, even PMS colors match. We showed her how our printer does not show banding lines, marks and is true photo quality printing.

Next we showed her samples of 3 white vinyl products. How the 1st costs $129 a roll, the 2nd $287 and final $657. Explaining when you want to use one over the other. How with the best product she got an MFG warranty that if it fails, the MFG pays to reinstall and replace it. That her case was not the product, we sold her. It was over kill for her project. In fact, we used a less costly product matched with a laminate to function well for years. With her sign, the big failing was in adhesive and inks used, then failing to protect with a proper laminate. Her job also would have benefited from using a metallic ink to enhance and support the color. Our printer prints both metallic and white inks, in fact, 8 inks in all. Older equipment a "standard sign printer" uses does not use these inks.

So in this as in many cases, we showed the customer what inks, material, adhesives, and laminates to use for their needs. Not once did we just try and sell them on the lowest bid using inferior products to get the order.

So you need to ask yourself, is the lowest bid the best price?

Not in all cases! Now some other things to think about and ask yourself. Before you next order signs or printing.

  • Do you get excited about what your current printer and sign supplier can do for your image in print and signs?
  • Do you still marvel at all the amazing things you can have printed, and the shapes you can have cut and designed by your current supplier?
  • Are you still mesmerized by all the available media your printer offers you to print on, which leads to endless marketing ideas and helps you become more profitable?

Well, you should be because if you or your printer has lost the sense of wonder, than it is time to find a new printer who understands that there has never been a more exciting time in now in the print, mail, sign & world than today!

It has never been easier and more fun to promote via printing, mailing or new signs for your company. Mitchell's Speedway Press has over “100 WAYS” that we can print, mail or create signs with great looking graphics to help you!

The real question, however, is “Are you able to say this about your current supplier" Does your current supplier

Help you spread the same amazement that you had the first time you realized how cool it was to print an oversized photo, create a colorful sign, decorate a vehicle or contour cut 1000 labels?

A good printer can explain 100′s of print, digital print, mail and sign applications in just minutes as you effortlessly flip through exciting sample pages showcasing dozens of different types of print and cut media like vinyl, banners, films, and fabrics. Simply put, we use a professional sales portfolio and samples that make this all this quick, easy, and more importantly, exciting!

When you last met with a printer for a formal or impromptu sales pitch, did they have a professional book of samples to help everyone decide and specify? Did it show you things like what papers, binding, materials, adhesives, laminates and substrates to use. Theses samples foster a conversation about color, quality, design, and proofing.
So ask yourself “ how easy or exciting is it to work with them” did the printer instantly show you what they can do? How quickly did they ignite your curiosity and earn credibility? Did they show “100 WAYS” to do this? Were you excited enough to say “ Yes! Here is my order”

After all, how lucky are we, you the buyer and we the printers? You get to turn your ideas into reality; we get to help you design with the most amazingly colorful and exciting types of printing and signs out there! Products that can dramatically help you our customer not only do a better job but look and feel better about what you do! We can work with you on all types of print, sign or graphic products that truly have great value! If WE don't get excited, how can we expect you or your customers to?