Pizza Mailers = Profits

Pizza Mailers work

Using the power of EDDM mail and our copy writing you profit.

Pizza Mailers = more profits for YOU!

Congratulations on choosing to explore this opportunity . You have just beat 99% of your competition who did not come to this website. However, this offer is valid to EVERY Pizza restaurant in YOUR zip code, but ONLY the first to respond will have increased sales. This offer is extended only to the first person in your zip code who calls and orders our pizza marketing system. Are you sorry that all the others will be losing market share to you if you get here first? Of course not, as if someone else picks up the phone first, they won’t care that you missed out. Are you ready to find out how to increase the number of pizzas you sell? If so, ask yourself these questions

  1. How is your piece of the pie, selling all the pizza you can make or want to? 
  2. Do you have better than average Pizza, but not the sales you want? 
  3. Do large franchises seem to have most of the local business and you cannot compete with their advertising budget?
  4. What would happen to YOU if your nearest competitor started a proven marketing plan and increased their sales?

Do I have your attention now?

My name is John Henry and I own Mitchell's Speedway and In 1930, my grandfather started Mitchell Printing Company.

In the years since then, I have grown the company into a direct mail and now direct marketing firm. You may be thinking "oh great, another printer selling me on direct mail". Well, you are only half right. We do printing and direct mail, just not like other printers. This is not some get rich information seller scam that seems to pop up everywhere on the web or in your mail. We are a real company with a large plant, live employees, equipment and 1000’s of real customers that has been family owned since 1930.

What we do that just any old printer does not is provide to you exclusively a proven system of mailings that work - work to create increased sales week-in/week-out - work that sells your pizza - not at the cheapest price - work that is manageable and repeatable. What we are not is some “expert consultant” just reselling information to make a fast buck.

Here is what most printers do - sell you on printing with a cute design and then mailing to list of 5000, 10,000 or more people. A best you get hit with a rush of phone calls and you are overwhelmed for few days, then ... nothing ... all after spending large amounts on printing and postage. Does this sound familiar? The worst part was that you were so busy for a short time that you were late delivering the orders, and every pizza was not the best you make. Because of this, you lost any chance at repeat customers for a long, long time!Let’s not even think of your oldest, best customer who had to wait and then got a cold, burned or underdone pizza...

Nor are we a self proclaimed “expert consultant” that sells a program on how to transform your business. Here is the fact on that scam; it is all the same stuff sold over and over again just packaged in different ways. The sad part is a whole industry is built on how to become “a expert consultant” that shows them all the stuff to repackage and resell to you. All it does is “sell you” not your customers on your product. These “marketing experts” sell you a package’s that can cost 1000’s.

You still need to a find someone to design, print and mail it. This all slows you down and costs you more and more. All while wasting valuable time and money. Someone gets rich, just not you.Now say you go in Val-Pack or whatever bulk mail co-ops hit on you in your
area. You spend less, but in the envelope there are other pizza shops along with a mess of other businesses, you get lost and little, if any, response.

Forget radio and newspapers - they did even worse for you. Now, tell me, when did any printer show you a better way to market with a system that uses your strengths while making suggestions on how to get better results that are manageable and repeatable?

Well, I can and will if you pick up the phone and call me personally at (315) 343-3531. I will only do this for one account in a zip code/delivery area. The first to call and book me gets this system for 6 months. The best part is what I will do for you will pay for it self over and over.

Now, how do I do this? Well, I cannot just come out and tell you here. I have spent years of my time learning, testing and refining this system. I have “experts” selling this information for $1000’s. I have found it is not hard to steal or replicate, and I cannot give this information away for nothing – my kids do like to eat (pizza, yes, pizza) and so do I. It is only fair that if I can substantially increase your sales and profits that I also make a profit.

Now, before leave this page, as you are thinking you cannot afford me, give me a call first. You will find my costs are competitive - often lower than your current printer or a online only printer would charge you - while giving you no or bad advice in return. Stop right now thinking “total cost”, and think of cost per response and the lifetime value of the repeat customer.

People have paid thousands of dollars to expensive ad agencies to be given absolutely the wrong advice. You need to know how an ad agency works. In order to prosper in the advertising world, the first goal they have is to get their clients to spend as much money as possible, to buy the costliest services and media as possible, and to measure results as little as possible, which is the exact opposite of what should be done.

The second goal of all ad agencies is to win awards. You go into their expensive offices, often sit in leather chairs with lots of wood and open space (remember who pays for all this) and you see awards all over. Yes, they sure look pretty, but look closer - what did they sell??? Designers at agencies love white space and images, great art but a huge waste of valuable space. Whole industries have been created to pass out these awards you see, but not one award will you find for R.O.I. (return on investment). Think about it, just like in Vegas, the winners did not pay for all that glitz, the losers did. The sad fact is the agencies are great at creating art and image, but fail at selling pizza. Agencies lack an understanding of how to sell pizza to your local customers.

I can show you how beat the Pizza Huts, Domino's, Papa John's and all the rest of the big boys. Face it, you are not them, and you do not want to be, or you would have been working for a franchise. What you want is more profits. I will show you how, and help you to become the most profitable pizza shop in town.

Before we can help you, you have to do 5 things first:

  • Make a better pizza, not the best in the world, but better pizza than you get from a, franchise, frozen box or make at home. You already do that, right? 
  • 2. Make it consistently that way. The fastest way to kill a repeat customer is with a pizza that is great one time and terrible the next. The big boys have focused major time, money and training to achieve this. You must train your staff to do this with every pizza you make, every time.
  •  Prepare to deliver your food hot and fresh. You do not have to be the fastest, but you must have the staff in place to handle the increase in business I am going to get you.
  •  Have a way to capture your customer’s information. There are many computer programs that allow you to enter the names and addresses of your accounts. Even a simple spreadsheet will work (and we will provide a free one for your use when you sign up with me, formatted exclusively for you). Your customers are your goldmine; we will leverage them as the time goes by. However, I can only do this if you know who and where they are. The fact is - all the big boys have this program in place and you should too!
  • The last and easiest on this list - call me! Simply put, you need to be the first in your delivery area/ zip code to contact me. After that, forget about it, opportunity passed you by. I will not work with any of your competitors for that six month time block, only you, guaranteed, in writing.

So what do you have to lose? You can spend just a few minutes of your time talking with me or you can lose market share to your competition...your choice. Pick up the phone and call (315) 343-3531 or go to our website,

Thank you for taking the time to read this! 80% of your competition never even made it this far. Think how far you can now go with this information!

P.S.: This system will work for any type of food product you sell beyond pizza. We can even drive a specific time period for you, pick up after work, delivery or eat in.