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We have lowered the costs to drive your ROI.

Speedway Press- the high cost of personalized URLs just went away.

Personalized Landing PagesCreate & track personalized landing pages, with unique content tailored to every visitor

At Mitchell’s Speedway Press, we are about creating better marketing with a real ROI. With the new P.U.R.L. system we have developed, a culture that people want to be a part of. We marry the best of print, email and web marketing in one product then  we even drove the costs down while doing it. 

I first investigated using P.U.R.L.s or one-to-one micro-sites when I was looking to do a direct mail campaign to generate new leads for a long time  business. After exploring available options, I found it would cost more than I felt I could show a real return on investment for that business. 

So I shelved the plans to do them. I kept thinking this is a great way to help my customers just too costly. Then I found a platform that would work  best for my customers at a reasonable cost. Having tried the other high priced solutions; most worked, but ROI was lacking. We saw the desperate need for an affordable, easy to use solution. Now after two years of testing we have it.  Today we can now create them better and for less. Using a product, with confidence that can recomended to our customers. A solution I know that will have a true ROI. 

" Let's build something beautiful together." 

Creating beautiful landing pages, then track the results 

  • Personal URL's (P.U.R.L.'s) are like a mail-merge for a web page. Easily personalize the URL page for each visitor.
  • Help your customer wins the new customer with a higher ROI
  • You can even assign a unique image to each visitor. When the P.U.R.L. page is visited, the appropriate image will magically appear. Now that's just cool!
  • And/Or add custom QR codes. You can even create If-statements to show specific data if certain criteria is met.
  • Custom response emails can be scheduled to send automatically to the page visitor.

Things to keep in mind when discussing P.U.R.L.'s, (if your printer does not fully discuss this with you, consider another printer.)

  1. Personalized URLs are a tool, not a means to an end, they are only a tool. The value of personalized URLs delivered in a personalized email or piece of direct mail is talking with your prospect in the piece. Don't lose that personalized connection by sending the respondent to a generic landing page or website. Keep it personal.
  2. Make the call to action real!  “Log into your personalized URL and complete your contact information!” is not a good call to action. Better "log into your Personalized URL to start your account with a $10,000 line of credit." Or  "check your Personalized URL for a special discount of 25%."  A real call to action, like any marketing is key. 
  3. Never forget the best practices for 1:1 printing. Personalized URL campaigns is just a new form of 1:1 (personalized) campaigns. The same rules apply including mining your own database or investing in a targeted database. Then plan the segmenting before personalizing, focusing on relevance to the customer, not mass messaging. 

Use our Templates or we can custom design it

  • Jump-start your campaign with one of our design templates. Make them your own by adding images, colors and content. Want a Custom Design?  We will also do the design for you, and this is what most customers choose. You're not copying and pasting HTML and spending learning how to do this possibly delaying the launch of your campaign.
  • Add a video to your P.U.R.L. pages by simply copying the embed code from Youtube or your favorite video host. Increase conversion and boost response rates today!  Speak to your targets it works.

So what do need and how to get started?

First just email or Upload your file of contacts into to us we import them, and the P.U.R.L.s get  automatically be created. We work with excel files and most every database format.

Next we design. Our Landing Page Editor makes it easy to both design and personalize your landing page. Our designers will work directly with you so need to know nothing about HTML or other geek speak. We do all that for you. We integrate it into your email and/or print marketing. We then download your P.U.R.L.s, and you will send this in spreadsheet form to your email marketing service, or we can do all that for you. 

Launch You will  then get beautiful reports to measure the effectiveness of your campaign and see what we have captured of your visitor's responses.

Last sit back and see the results!