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1 to 1 Personal Printing, Mailing and Marketing

1-1 personal marketing at its most effective is what Mitchell's Speedway Press is all about. It can B-B or B-C we can do both.  We have multi-color Heidelberg presses, (not one but 4), digital & variable printing, direct mail, and in house sign capabilities. This allows us to timely produce your project and help you communicate directly and effectively to attract new customers. Unlike many other printers this is done in house and quickly. We have not one but 3 staff graphic designers, with full print, mail & sign production all in house, we get it done race track fast. 

How do we do this?

By combining technology, creative talent  with marketing expertise we'll help drive current and new customers to your door, increasing customer response rates, shortening response times, boost your market share, enhance your cash flow, all helping to position your company as an industry and profit leader.

With our help your marketing will take on a dynamic approach,  selling and supporting your print, signage and mail needs in ways that are personally relevant to each of your customers or prospects. Mitchell's Speedway Press helps you pinpoint your target audiences with language, graphics, and speedy delivery. All designed to ensure individualized attention that promotes action and evokes a response. We draw on proven strategies and the most advanced direct marketing methods to command the attention of your customers.

Based on your customer information, we help develop and target campaigns using our digital and traditional printing capabilities. Combining  this with our marketing know-how we are able  to produce communication materials tailored to make message stand out in a individual way to each customer or prospect.

Think personable, reach the prospect.  

Instead of one mass mailing  that sends the same static message (we call that spray and pray) to all of your customers, we can send a unique mailer or email that is a customized message to each one of those customers. Every flyer, brochure, catalogue, email or mailer can be personalized by customer name. text, images, color graphics  or other demographic you choose. 

Better ROI

We have found the  best way to improve the response rates of your direct mail campaign is to use theses new methods in a  combination of print and web materials all with relevant, personalized information to each customer.  Often this is done using a PURL (personal url) Speedway Press will work to design this system to meet your goals. 

Every study has shown personalized direct mail attracts new customers and engages your prospects or current customers.  Yet often it is too costly,  Speedway press has driven the costs down. Our  print materials will  grab the customer's attention and direct them to a personalized Website (purl). Then using the data we you have provided or we get for you, the contact gets a individualized web experience via a custom landing page. You interact with your customers. This works for  E-mail campaigns and direct mail with options for automatic follow up.

We track it so you see the results, not just give you sales promises. 

Mitchell's Speedway Press  gives you ability to see instant measurable results. All responses and leads are easily tracked, allowing you to analyze success and verify the genuine return on your investment (ROI) dollars. Response rates can jump from 1 percent to 20 or more percent, this means higher ROI, who can say no that.  We have a powerful reporting and tracking system that helps lets you to react with  your customers.  We can print reports and generate leads for personalized, targeted follow-up in real time. So you get proof it is working.

Marketing Help

Do you go about managing your company without a good business plan? Your best competitive advantage starts with a well-defined, strategic marketing plan, this is where we can assist you with your print, mail and sign marketing. We have access to and use the latest demographic research, with  reliable data, clean professional design, and sophisticated high quality digital printing.  Speedway Press will assist you to create and help execute your company's marketing strategy. We are experts in helping you aim your messages directly at your target. We have done this for businesses, colleges, race tracks, race teams, non profits and even political campaigns. In fact we have run local, county, state and even assisted congressional campaigns. Not with printing but their messaging and strategy. From social media, web presence, print, mail and sign needs. PS we also win...

So lets recap

Speedway Press is not your normal printer, we have the knowledge and experience. Our methods work using personalized direct mail and email  to significantly improve response rates.  

We do this using many methods like our personalized URLs (purls) via direct mail and email and QR codes. Our methods let you measure those campaigns with ease. Or we can use creative methods with your point of purchase signs, inside or outside your building. Cutting edge methods combined with our creative work, will provide maximum impact for the dollar spent.