Large Format, signage, graphics

Mitchell's Speedway Press; Our Press Equipment, large format and mailing.

We have a strong equipment inventory. Since printing is considered a manufacturing business, our equipment choices have a major impact on how well our company can perform.

These are not just digital printers like many print shops today, but full color offset presses, on the floor, in the house, real ink on paper. We also invested in large format printing, now offering signage solutions that again is in the house, your project cared for and produced by the people you want to, not outsourced.

Again we do something most printers you meet do. We have more than one, what do I mean by that? Redundancy, two of every critical function.  From our desktop computers to our network, from press room to binder. We have not one press but five, not one cutter but two, two complete collator booklet making system. This is very unique for a printer to have, so why do we? we take getting your work done seriously. 

Our philosophy of providing consistent, on-time delivery and the highest quality printed images is made possible by our job workflow systems, our talented team of co-workers, and our top-notch equipment. We do not miss deadlines. We meet deadlines other printers think impossible. To put it succinctly; we love rush orders!

Copy digital printing

  • KM 7000 with creo rip
  • Xerox 4112 BW
  • Xerox 4135
  • Ricoh 1107ex
  • HP T1100ps 44 inch printer


  • Mac workstations
  • PC work stations
  • Scanners
  • Computer to Plate (CTP) Metal chemical free.

Mailing Services

  • Full service mailing software gold certified.
  • Kirk- Rudy adderssor
  • Dual Tabber
  • Four Pocket inserter
  • Fusion Pro VDP software


  • Automated workflow with imposition software InOp
  • Windows server for back up and file transfer
  • Printers Plan MIS - Management information system

Design Software

  • Adobe Creative suite both Mac and PC
  • MS Publisher experts.
  • Quark Express
  • Corel Draw
  • Fusion Pro
  • Microsoft office partners


  • Heidelberg 1, 2 and 4 color presses
  • Ryobi 2 color automated press
  • Heidelberg Windmill letterpress
  • Mimaki 64 inch 8 color printer


  • Two fully programmable cutters
  • Stahl rt angel folder
  • Prefect binder
  • Laminator up to 68 inches
  • Duplo booklet maker binding system 40 bins
  • Wiro binder
  • GPC binding
  • Fastback binder
  • Keencut for board, aluminum and glass cutting