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The Amazing Speedway Press Team

At Mitchell's Speedway Press, you will find some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. With over 200 years of combined experience servicing customers like you, we know our stuff.  With not one, but three, full-time designers in-house, Mitchell's Speedway Press is not your typical commercial printer. 

  • Our team is built to serve you, quickly accurately and on time. Always a real person during our office hours. 
  • Continuous Training; each of our designers has countless hours using software from Adobe, Quark, Microsoft and Fusion Pro. Each year we update our programs and sharpen our skills. 
  • Every year, the owners, John and Kathy Henry, network and learn from the best in the industry. As founders of the National Print Owners Association (NPOA) we draw on the knowledge of over 400 printers in an annual conference where we learn how to improve our services for you.
  • We use the industry's leading CIM system to estimate, produce, track and bill your order. Nothing is lost or forgotten. 
  • Redundancy; our team is cross trained to lend a hand any where in the print shop where needed. And not just the people, but our machines as well.  We have 3 presses, not one, 2 digital color printers and two black and white printers, even 2 fully automated cutters and bindery systems. Why? So you never hear "we were down and your job is not ready".
  • So while other commercial printers make excuses, our team performs like a well-coordinated pit crew, getting your order out of the pits and into your hands in record time.  
  • John Henry CEO
  • Kathy Henry Vice President, Sales & Marketing • Ext. 104
  • Terry Thompson Prepress Specialist, Production Manager
  • Carol Haynes Graphic Designer, Editor, Writer, CSR
  • Dylan Kimball Graphic Designer
  • Alex Borland CSR
  • Sarah Brown Designer/CSR • Ext. 111

Mitchell's Speedway Press 315-343-3531 Call us anytime. It's a local call.
Somebody nice will always answer.