Genealogy Book Printing

Custom Genealogy Book Printing on archival papers.

Genealogy Book Printing

We provide a complete design, print and bindery service for the publishing of your genealogy book.

Though we specialize in  genealogy books we also do racetrack, handbooks, art books and other types of  historical books. We have published many military arms books, poetry,  non-fiction books, reference books and biographies since 1930. Few other printers have the history, experience and knowledge we do. 

Mitchells Speedway Press will help prepare your genealogy from manuscript to finished product, we can work with files from almost every major program. We can also do a custom design from your handwritten material. Our designers have decades of experience. 

Utilizing the latest print on demand technology makes it easier and more affordable than ever to self-publish your family history book. Today you can use on demand publishing to make a truly unique book without high start up costs. At the same time we have presses, lots of them to do even larger orders of books. We will help you choose the right methods based on your needs, not on the one method we have.  The major cost is factor is color vs. black white pages and how many pages you have.  Call us to discuss how you can have the best book for you needs in your budget. 

At Speedway Press  we have both press and print on demand capabilities.  This lets you print any amount from one to thousands of copies. If you need help with layout and design, we have three designers on staff who can  provide help from start to finish. 

Book Sizes- Choose a size that fits your needs and meets your budget. 

Standard finished genealogy book sizes are available in the following sizes (width x height): We can do other sizes but they could be more costly,  a lot more in some cases. 

9 x 12 Largest size we can do in book form. This size we have limited bleed options with and the is the highest cost per page.

8.5 x 11-  The  most popular hardcover and paperback size

8 x 10 same cost as above but gives you different look and feel. 

6 x 9  or 5.5 x 8.5 While not half the cost they do save you money. Also a easy to hold size. You do lose photo size using this format. 

We offer some standard paper options for your book;

60 or 70 lb White
60 or 70 lb  Warm White (natural)
80 or 100 lb Gloss or Silk

These are the most popular paper sizes used for books.

File Formats and submission

Your best option is a print ready PDF files, yet we can work in most other file formats, call us to to discuss  other files we can accept. 

Trim and bleeds

The above sizes are the finished sizes of the book. If you are getting hardcover books, the final size of the trimmed text will be approximately 1/8” smaller on the top, bottom and outside than the finished book sizes above. For instance, an 8.5 x 11” finished book would have a text block size of 8 3/8” x 10 3/4”. If you are planning on pages with bleed, please allow that for the all 4 sides and keep in mind binding types

Cover Choices

Foil Stamping & Embossing. 

If you choose to do  your book in hardcover we can do a custom design of  foil stamped in gold or silver on the cover, spine or both, you can also have a full color printed dust cover.

Soft cover

Soft cover with laminate uv protection is our most common cover choice. Using a 12p gloss cover it will last for decades.