Employee Handbook Printing

Employee Handbook Printing, fast and professional

Employee Handbook Printing

An essential  Way to Protect Your Company

Mitchell's Speedway Press has produced handbooks for years. A must for any size company to deal with the increasingly onerous burden of HR compliance. When you have employees, even one, you have risk. An employee handbook is the necessary first step  to take to protect your company. It also can inform and help set expectations for your employees. 

Employee Handbook Printers, not all the same. 

Companies are required in many states to have employee handbooks printed.  This can create a problem for many small companies on to write and then deciding who will do their Employee Handbook printing. Many companies may decide to try in house employee handbook printing and do not realize that with the labor, paper and toner costs involved with printing the handbook  they may  cost themselves more. In fact they often could have had it done professionally to begin with and saved time and money. Also a professionally designed, printed and bound product shows your employees you take this seriously. 

So how are we different from other printers of handbooks?.

We produce thousands in many sizes. We have done them in bilingual. Where 1/2 book is english and the other 1/2 spanish. We have a professional translator who we work with to make sure  book is correct. No high school spanish translation here or a auto translate for word or web.  Many books we produce are sized for a pocket so they can be carried. These can include safely and shift information, the nuclear industry using theses for shutdown contractors and we produce them in days not weeks.  Sexual Harassment is a big concern, we have produced handbooks that include this and even ones just for this. Does you printer have the knowledge and experience to do this? quickly and at a reasonable cost? This is why need to work with Mitchell's Speedway Press. 

So you know you need one, you know it must be done right and you know it must be legal. All reasons to work with us. We have an attorney we work with if you need one. Sample handbooks and the inhouse printing and binding to do any size you need. So call us or email today and let us help you. 

All new employee handbooks should be reviewed by your legal counsel for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations and should be modified to suit your organization’s culture, industry, and practices.